About me

My name is Lucy I am a  18 year old girl and currently studing in sixth form doing textiles, english and psychology. I am hoping to go to uni to study  fashion design! Ive always loved fashion and love creating and making new outfits what i can wear myself. Ive done some work experience within the industry and I can happily say I love it. Through my work experience ive been asked do you blog? do you have a blog? you should start a blog? its a great thing to have a blog you know?... so why not start one. Im very nervous making one due to being in a school which is VERY judgemental but its best for me and my future! 

My blog is going to be about my own fashion and how I style my clothes as well as hauls and wishlists. My i will upload some of my outfits I make as well as DIYS if it goes well. I love shopping and spending my own minimal amount of money I have.

Im going to try and blog reguarlly doing OOTDS as well other little fancy posts.

Love Lucy

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