Saturday, 1 February 2014

starting over

Had so much sixth form work recently and trying to get into uni has taken so much of my time up and its not even finished yet. After just getting my mock results back I've realised I need to do a hell a lot of work, thats if I want to go to uni. Since i haven't been posting a lot has changed i became redundant from my retail job!! however I now work in my local pub, on wards and up wards. Im going to start to post every week hopefully! outfit posts and haul posts maybe even some reviews. I really want to get back into the swing of things on the 'ole blogging scene! 

love lucy 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

I'm so so sorry

I've been so busy with getting back to sixthform as soon as I'm back to my routine ill be blogging regularly again! My first post back with be the liebster awards and a haul! Ill be back soon!!
Love lucy xx

Monday, 19 August 2013

Paris Outfit Planning!

Im going to Paris on Friday morning but travelling to London to stay the night on thursday Im one of those people who love to be organised so ive descided to plan all my outfits today haha! So ive planned 3 day time outfits as well as 3 night outfits seeing as were going for 3 days and I thought that was best!Ive researched the weather and its 25-30 degrees during the day and alot cooler in the night! Im only taking two pairs of shoes (which are super comfy)  as well as two bags! so ive had to put the outfits together using these two things!! Hope you enjoy the post

Day time outfits

Outfit 1-
So this is the outfit im going to travel in its super comfy as well as being very cool for the day time! I love this shirt which i actually brought today so i had to put it in there somewhere haha! 
shirt- charity shop £2.50
vest top- primark
jean skirt- DIY originally  a pair of monkey jeans (£5 charity shop)
bag- £1 charity shop
belt- 99p charity shop
boots- £32 topshop (with student discount)
headband- rokit vintage £3

 Outfit 2-
So im not too sure about this outfit being a day time outfit because i may get too hot but if i do i just wont were the chiffon shirt under however that is very lightweight and i cant imagine the shirt making much different however I will not be wearing the jacket haha! i love this outfit its so cute! pardon my doggy!
shirt- charity shop £3
dress- asos £18 (i think)
bag- bootsale £1
socks- primak £1
shoes- bootsale £1 (originally from office)
scrunchie- homemade

Outfit 3-
This is my final day outfit i was getting rather srtuck here during the outfits haha becaus i knew that i wanted to wear the chiffon shirt but no idea what with but i finally made this cute outfit up! 
chiffon shirt- charity shop £2
crop top- Primark (no clue the price sorry)
skirt- UO sale £10
Boots- top shop £32
bag- charity shop £1
hairbow- AA for free

Night time outfits

Outfit 1-
I thought this outfit would be nice say if going out for a dinner and maybe some drinks because the dress makes it look very going out if you get me haha however i put a jacket because it can get very chilly at night! 
dress- H&M £29.99
blazer- bricklane market £10 (orginally from topshop) 
socks-primark £1 
shoes- bootsale £1 
bag- bootsale £1


Outfit 2-
Ive choose this outfit for the evening because we will be going to the eiffel tower one night and when youre at the top its so cold haha! so i thought a nice shirt and some jeans will be nice and smart however comfy and warm! 
 shirt- charity shop
jeans- topshop sale £15
boots- topshop £32
bag- bootsale £1
scrunchie- homemade

Outfit 3-
So this is my final night outfit i thought a dress would go nicely as well as a baggy cardy as well as being super comfy i feel this looks really nice too 
dress- portabello market 
cardy- primark £6.50 
belt- 99p charity shop 
boots- topshop £32 
bag- charity shop £1 
hair bow - AA

Thank you so much i hope you liked this post 
Love Lucy 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Huge Haul! - Black is best


so after realising Paris is only 2 weeks away and I have NO outfits ready I decided I needed to go shopping! Always a great thing to realise without having huge amounts of money i thought charity shop shopping and some bootsaling will do me nicely! Ive recently got a new job hurayyy!!! in debenhams and my uniform is all black which then i realised i own black but known i can mix with any other black pieces so i decided Black was the needed colour.

Firstly I went to leigh were the charity shops are amazing i picked up so many good bargins i also went to a local bootsale as well as some highstreet stores which i got some staple pieces from!!

Charity shop shopping

 cute black embroided sheer shirt
 just above the ankle skirt 

 £1 such a bargin!!! - i needed a big black bag for paris to shovel all the maps around!!

Bootsale bargins

 Topshop netted jumper - such a bargin ive been looking for one of these for so long!!
 big floppy brown bag another piece for paris!

Brown OFFICE brouges such a steal i love them!!

Highstreet shops
 Topshop leigh jeans which where in the sale by accident!! haha
 h&m lace dress for work!
£29.99 - i think
 Zara sale so simple and needed

Topshop my boots ive wanted a pair like these for ages so happy!!
£32 - with my student discount

Love Lucy 

Monday, 5 August 2013

odd weather...

Im sorry I didnt end up putting up an ootd yesterday! However I a day blog today with pictures through out my day with an ootd also! I had two of my friends round for nibbles and gossip one of my favourite things haha! then went to costa with my sister and mum which was followed by charity shop shopping and duvet shopping! very successful! 

Rupert looking cute as usual!

Charity shopping with mumma and sister!

 off to asda for some bedding!

Jumpsuit- camden vintage shop £8
cardigan- primark size 18 £6.50
Brown bag- charity shop £5
sunglasses- topshop £16
Belt- no clue 
bracelets- top one gift second one portabello market £3
necklace- bootsale 20p

Charity shop haul
Top- £2.25
jumper- £2.50

Love Lucy

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Rather busy week!

With the beginning of the week starting rather eventful with getting a job in debenhams during the week which will enable me to buy plently more clothes!! which then turned into a terrible one with my failing my driving test:( dont even go there. However I have found a cancellation in two weeks which was so lucky! Then on the thursday it was my boyfriends birthday which was lovely i gave him ( rabbit jumped on the keyboard at this time haha) all his presents it was his 18th so I thought i better get him something special so im taking him to Paris for the weekend and I made him a cake and just got him sweets then Friday I went to london because for his 18th he decided he wanted a tattoo so while he was there I done a spot of shopping with his mum sister and my mum :) After he finished we went for a meal which then i found out my card had been copied and all my paris savings had been taken out! I was so moody £104 all gone!!!!! however this morning I got it all back luckly! So i am so sorry i havent been able to post however I will post some photos of what I brought at portabello market!!

Bracelet- £3
Dress- £8 (which you will see in an outfit of the day tomorrow)

Love Lucy

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Wishlist & ootd

1. topshop £14
2. cambridge satchel £99
3. topshop £30
4. asos £15
5. riverisland £45

This is my wishlist at the moment ive been eyeballing these sandals for about 3 months now however i dont even have £14 to spare which is really making me upset seeing as my black sandal collection is at 1 at the moment and that is just not enough! Ive always wanted a cambridge satchal and untill im in full time work i cant see myself spashing out 99£ on a bag. Ive got a weak spot for underwear I buy way to much of it i love pretty lace nicnacs and bras aw so cute! Ive wanted some different weird unsual sunglasses for a white however they all look stupid on me ive found this pair and theyre different however quiet simple i like that. Lastly these boots ive been dribbling over the topshop cutout boots for months and months however i can not spend £90 odd pound on a pair of shoes so River island have basically made the mirror image and halfed the price you are my savior i will be puchasing these ASAP!

I thought i would finish the post with an ootd as it doesnt take long to picture your outfit today i done nothing minus going to costa so it was very casual as the weather chilled down abit due to the horrific thunder storm last night that woke me and my boyfriend up urghh! however im wearing my beautiful mom jeans!

mom jeans: Levis blitz (bricklane) £25
top: miss selfridge £10
sandals: boutique in my town £12
belt: charity shop £4

Love Lucy

Monday, 22 July 2013

OOTD - summer days

Heya everyone im sorry for my lack of posting during the week! My boyfriend came back from his hoilday and he was ill so guess who had to look after him... ME! haha. Any way... I thought I would do an outfit of the day today seeing as im saving for PARISSSS! so i have a lack of money for shopping :( Today its near in the 30s its so hot, too hot to sit outside. So today ive done nothing I mean nothing however I am getting my hair cut today finally! Its been a long horrible wait but it needs a cut.
So today Im wearing a deep red skater skirt which isnt the most summery colour however its one of my favorites and I love the skirt so much I paired it with a shirt button down crop top which is perfect for the weather and then my little white sandals which i wear nearly everyday their so comfy and cute! Also in a couple of these photos you can see my cute little tiebtan terrier called bentley aww! 

Skirt- Primark £8
Top- charity shop £2.99 (however from miss selfridge)
Sandals- river island £10
Sunglasses- Bricklane £8
Necklace- bootsale 20p 
Belt- charity shop £4

Love Lucy