Monday, 22 July 2013

OOTD - summer days

Heya everyone im sorry for my lack of posting during the week! My boyfriend came back from his hoilday and he was ill so guess who had to look after him... ME! haha. Any way... I thought I would do an outfit of the day today seeing as im saving for PARISSSS! so i have a lack of money for shopping :( Today its near in the 30s its so hot, too hot to sit outside. So today ive done nothing I mean nothing however I am getting my hair cut today finally! Its been a long horrible wait but it needs a cut.
So today Im wearing a deep red skater skirt which isnt the most summery colour however its one of my favorites and I love the skirt so much I paired it with a shirt button down crop top which is perfect for the weather and then my little white sandals which i wear nearly everyday their so comfy and cute! Also in a couple of these photos you can see my cute little tiebtan terrier called bentley aww! 

Skirt- Primark £8
Top- charity shop £2.99 (however from miss selfridge)
Sandals- river island £10
Sunglasses- Bricklane £8
Necklace- bootsale 20p 
Belt- charity shop £4

Love Lucy 

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