Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Wishlist & ootd

1. topshop £14
2. cambridge satchel £99
3. topshop £30
4. asos £15
5. riverisland £45

This is my wishlist at the moment ive been eyeballing these sandals for about 3 months now however i dont even have £14 to spare which is really making me upset seeing as my black sandal collection is at 1 at the moment and that is just not enough! Ive always wanted a cambridge satchal and untill im in full time work i cant see myself spashing out 99£ on a bag. Ive got a weak spot for underwear I buy way to much of it i love pretty lace nicnacs and bras aw so cute! Ive wanted some different weird unsual sunglasses for a white however they all look stupid on me ive found this pair and theyre different however quiet simple i like that. Lastly these boots ive been dribbling over the topshop cutout boots for months and months however i can not spend £90 odd pound on a pair of shoes so River island have basically made the mirror image and halfed the price you are my savior i will be puchasing these ASAP!

I thought i would finish the post with an ootd as it doesnt take long to picture your outfit today i done nothing minus going to costa so it was very casual as the weather chilled down abit due to the horrific thunder storm last night that woke me and my boyfriend up urghh! however im wearing my beautiful mom jeans!

mom jeans: Levis blitz (bricklane) £25
top: miss selfridge £10
sandals: boutique in my town £12
belt: charity shop £4

Love Lucy


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  2. Oh thank you!
    I will do :)