Saturday, 3 August 2013

Rather busy week!

With the beginning of the week starting rather eventful with getting a job in debenhams during the week which will enable me to buy plently more clothes!! which then turned into a terrible one with my failing my driving test:( dont even go there. However I have found a cancellation in two weeks which was so lucky! Then on the thursday it was my boyfriends birthday which was lovely i gave him ( rabbit jumped on the keyboard at this time haha) all his presents it was his 18th so I thought i better get him something special so im taking him to Paris for the weekend and I made him a cake and just got him sweets then Friday I went to london because for his 18th he decided he wanted a tattoo so while he was there I done a spot of shopping with his mum sister and my mum :) After he finished we went for a meal which then i found out my card had been copied and all my paris savings had been taken out! I was so moody £104 all gone!!!!! however this morning I got it all back luckly! So i am so sorry i havent been able to post however I will post some photos of what I brought at portabello market!!

Bracelet- £3
Dress- £8 (which you will see in an outfit of the day tomorrow)

Love Lucy

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